Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

is totally overrated and I successfully kept my expectations low enough so as not to be disappointed. We had a nice day. Not wonderful or amazing or even great. Just nice which is better than disappointing or miserable.
Pictures in jammies and sweatpants are also better than strained smiles and stressful "cheese" pictures:


  1. Nancy, I SOOOO get you! This is a great picture of you and the kids!

  2. What a wonderful shot of you and your beautiful children!

  3. N - what a gorgeous image!
    Hallmark holidays are a bit over rated. None the less, Hope you had a decent day.

  4. I need to learn from you - lower expectations! You'd think after almost 7 years of birthdays, Christmas's, Anniversarys and mother's days I'd learn...NOPE! LOL

    I love the shot - so natural and sweet! BTW my Lilly has that same baby doll. It's her favorite!