Thursday, October 30, 2008


Self-portraits. It's supposed to be self-portraits. So far I've self-portraits. But my four-year-old does pretty well. We had the ISO jacked way up and a pretty slow shutter speed. He totally gets the 'just push the button a tiny bit' thing to focus. And he knows to look after taking a few to see if they're 'clear' or 'fuzzy'. I'm guessing he'll do most of the shots of me but it's fun...until little sister wants to try. Not so much.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



It was almost 60degrees today so we went outside to paint two of our pumpkins. There was a lot of "What does red and purple make?" questions. End the end, we just had two very colorful pumpkins and a mess.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Sick of looking at my kids? I sure am. I'd really like to get my lens on some other faces! So I went for a backside today. We went to a little hometown pumpkin "patch" but no one was around so we just wandered for a bit and took a few shots. Came home pumpkinless. I used an OTSS action on this, love her b&w conversions!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Sure not to be the last 2fer post, here's Sunday and Monday...
Here we have my kids' reaction to the first Iowa snow. There had been wind advisories all day and suddenly it was snowing. The kind of snow that is blown so hard it goes completely horizontal. It was immediately deemed a blizzard ... so all on their own they barricaded the front door! Have I really over dramatized the Iowa winters so badly that they think we need to batten down the hatches at the first glimpse of snow?

And today's shot is from a quickie after-dinner run outside to get some pre-Halloween shots of the costumes before we're so into the candy that their eyes can't focus well enough to even look at the camera. Both of them were asking for coats, to which I replied, "That's what Halloween is about in Iowa...". Okay, maybe the blizzard thing really is my fault:

Sunday, October 26, 2008



When I first started 'getting into' photography, I loved getting my kids by this window for shots and now it's kind of an 'eh' place. But I still love getting good shots of their great eyelashes!

Friday, October 24, 2008


The Ring of Fat. The Fat Ring.
I put on the pregnant ring today.
When I was pregnant with Bradyn, I went out and splurged on a really pretty band and lost it within weeks because I bought it so big. I went a month or two without a ring at all, terrified that they'd have to cut my regular ring off because my fingers were bound to get so swollen and fat. Then Brian bought me this band for Christmas (or was it my birthday?). There are times he really pulls out some sentimentality and thoughtfulness and that was one of those times.
So I wore it with Ellie was well. I look for it in those early newborn pics of both kids and I'm happy I'll have it on (if I don't lose it...) with this one too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008



Not a bad view.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A picture a day for a year. A year that will involve a busy holiday season, the arrival of a 3rd kid and her first 7 months or so. The idea behind a 365 project is that you take a self-portrait every day. I'm going to bend the rules every day and just focus on getting one picture of something interesting, creative, humorous, cute or whatever each day. I'll post them all to flickr and stick posts in here from time to time.
This is part photography, part learning, part documentation & part just fun. I imagine it will be part pain in the ass too but whatever, most things are.
Today. Bradyn got to use the big camera and he did amazingly well. It was so dark in our little studio that I had to turn all the lights on and let him shoot in Av mode on the settings I would have used. This requires actually focusing on the subject and he nailed it probably as many times as I would have. Photography prodigy perhaps? Or maybe it's just not all that hard.