Friday, October 24, 2008


The Ring of Fat. The Fat Ring.
I put on the pregnant ring today.
When I was pregnant with Bradyn, I went out and splurged on a really pretty band and lost it within weeks because I bought it so big. I went a month or two without a ring at all, terrified that they'd have to cut my regular ring off because my fingers were bound to get so swollen and fat. Then Brian bought me this band for Christmas (or was it my birthday?). There are times he really pulls out some sentimentality and thoughtfulness and that was one of those times.
So I wore it with Ellie was well. I look for it in those early newborn pics of both kids and I'm happy I'll have it on (if I don't lose it...) with this one too!


  1. Love the story that goes with this one. Cool shot to

  2. Nice! I lost my original wedding set several years ago, and one of these days my sweetie is going to buy me a beautiful new one!

  3. I know that feeling...Christmas...birthday...Christmas...birthday..oh hell, just pick one. Merry Birthday!