Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A picture a day for a year. A year that will involve a busy holiday season, the arrival of a 3rd kid and her first 7 months or so. The idea behind a 365 project is that you take a self-portrait every day. I'm going to bend the rules every day and just focus on getting one picture of something interesting, creative, humorous, cute or whatever each day. I'll post them all to flickr and stick posts in here from time to time.
This is part photography, part learning, part documentation & part just fun. I imagine it will be part pain in the ass too but whatever, most things are.
Today. Bradyn got to use the big camera and he did amazingly well. It was so dark in our little studio that I had to turn all the lights on and let him shoot in Av mode on the settings I would have used. This requires actually focusing on the subject and he nailed it probably as many times as I would have. Photography prodigy perhaps? Or maybe it's just not all that hard.

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