Saturday, January 17, 2009


I tried monochrome on my camera today and maybe I just don't know any better but I liked it just fine! Then Catie explained how to use a soft light layer with the high pass filter run on it and I liked it a lot! I gave this a light blue overlay as well; it seems more noticeable on the web than it looks to me in PS:

I just bounced the speedlite off the wall behind me and kind of like that you can kind of see my outline like you would if she was outside looking towards the sun.


  1. She is adorable and the catchlights are great - LOVE her big eyes.

  2. Very nice! I use the high pass filter set to soft light on almost all of my photos. I really like how it sharpens it just a bit. I never thought about putting a light blue layer over a b&w...great idea!

  3. You sure are starting to sound very "camera savy" I would have to say! Cute pic!