Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just...she just....
And today, we added sparkly red pigtail holders to the getup b/c of course she had to wear it again.

Ran OTSS Vintage Sweet action on this one. And I totally left the mess in the background to make up for the princess bed shot!


  1. Are those ruby slippers? I think you need to do a still life of those! or a lower leg and feet shot of them!!!

    Love the look you are getting.. :)

  2. We have those shoes! And I'm still wondering what mess! :)

  3. lol - to make up for the princess bed shot...too funny! My 7yo daughter has and loves that same blanket!

    When you find a good outfit, you must wear it out!!

  4. She's so beautiful - not sure how I lucked out, but neither of mine decided they HAD to wear only ONE thing, thank goodness daughter did have a bear and getting it away to wash it, wow that's tough! :)

  5. love those shoes....boys just don't have neat things like that!

  6. Interesting action, and I'm sure the mess was for affect ;)