Friday, December 5, 2008


I had to count on my fingers to get the number. 44 is close enough!
I was a fun mom for about 20 minutes today as we used window markers (love those things!) to draw a Christmas tree and presents on one of our sliding glass doors.

and a bonus because the expression cracks me up:


  1. Oh fun! Where did you find those!?

  2. That is awesome! My kids would be giddy. The closest they get is shower crayons.

  3. I have some window markers.. but I don't know if I can trust my kids with them.

    That expression to too cute I can see why its cracks you up!

  4. It's for-sure a supervised activity! I got them at Target, I think. They were on clearance last year so I got a ton as birthday party favors. Window markers: spread the love. Right?
    They're just Crayola though, I think I've seen them at WalMart.

  5. What a fun idea! My kids would love that too! That expression is great!