Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I've been busy doing Christmas cards. I've just done a few this year but they've been extremely customized. Lots of revisions. But here are the first three that came in. The last one is Tess' beautiful photography!:

And the best news we've had in a while, not only are swimming lessons over but the little guy did great! Thursday, 12/11/2008:

Skip to Sunday, 12/14/2008, where suddenly we find ourselves in South Bend, Indiana contemplating a transfer to a new location:

Then home Monday in time for the big preschool program:

And today, 12/17/2008, we get a Secret Santa gift just as I had the kids dressed in their Christmas outfits for an attempt at some shots for the 2009 family calendar:


  1. Hey, looks like an eventful week :) Was thinking about you today, even sent you a PM this morning, LOL

  2. Great shots! Those cards look like they came out well! :)

  3. Great photos! I look forward to hearing more about the potential transfer.