Monday, November 3, 2008


If I had realized this was the 13th picture, that would have been the perfect excuse to skip it tonight. What a long day. Out about about. Working. Picking up. Dropping off. Groceries. Oy.
So at 11pm I was really grasping for an excuse to just skip it. Everyone's in bed asleep. So I decided to do a sleepy shot. I've been wanting to see what settings I needed to change to get my ISO above 1600 and I think I got it based on a thread on OPS. I had to delve back into the world of manual shooting which has previously made me feel like a bumbling fool (so I've been in Av for over a month) including manual focus (er, so the back slats of the crib are nice and crisp) so there are positives here! So I feel like I got a crappy shot but I did move forward a little bit!


  1. What a precious sleeper! And yay for you for stepping outside your comfort zone!

  2. Getting better is what this blog is all about.

    Next time, you were aiming for the back slats ;)

  3. Haha, Eric is right! You were trying for the back slats! :)

  4. Intentional blurred subject with the background focused I do that all the time lol, join the club.

  5. Lol, me too! You really didn't want the child in focus anyways. =)