Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The 4 y/o photographer in action. There are lots of technical issues with this picture but I'm looking at it in this positive light:
1)the graininess is a good thing for the b&w
2)me being the only thing in focus is good for this purpose
3)I'd have never had him take pics of just the two of us otherwise
He shot this at ISO200, f2.0 (which I'd have increased but oh well) in Av mode.


  1. If your 4yo is taking shots this good already he'll be a pro by the time he's 5!

  2. Issues? they are only what you make of them, me I see a very nice picture that shows happiness.

  3. I like this image. A lot. I think you are going to have yourself quite the assistant when he gets older. =)

    Now I want to see some of this little photographer in the making.

  4. Thanks! I'm not hiding him, Wilky :) You got to look up his nose just the other day!
    New Perspective Post

  5. beautiful photos... He did a great job and you are very pretty.. :)