Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Election Day!

The Harvest Yule Log. I bought this candle last year. I burn it when Brian's working long hours during harvest. We've had a decent day but I usually want to turn myself off around 6pm so that's when it gets hard around here when I'm home alone with the kids night after night. Then the evening drags on and on.
Someday this candle will burn out and someday harvest will end!


  1. I soooooo understand what you mean! I just sent my kids to bed 15 minutes early because I am so *done*! Can I share your candle?

  2. I miss candles! I understand the evening drag, too! It will get better soon! :)

  3. I know what you mean, being a farmers wife myself it gets tedious sometimes, night after night bathing, feeding, and putting the kids to bed alone, and them telling me to "send daddy back" when he gets in for the night.

  4. Whenever my husband is gone my kids end up going to bed extra early....why is that? ;)

  5. I like these candles and they smell so good.