Sunday, November 9, 2008


And 18/365 and 17/365

Took a few as I was pulling out of the driveway with Ellie as she was in full Diva Mode. As soon as I drop Bradyn off, she wants to be in his seat, she wants to choose a new DVD, it's all about her and she knows it! Friday she just had to had to had to have a cookie!

The snow. The boots. Kids too cold to stand still!

I tried using a 'paper diffuser' over my on-board flash and wasn't impressed at all with the results. And for some reason, had a harder time with focus when using it. That was my objective today, to see how the paper used but when I opened this image, I tried the "over expose vintagy wow" from Itty Bitty Actions and just had to post it without further messing.


  1. Great shots! Everybody needs a cookie...and the snow boots look fun (for a while)...and your little man has awesome eyes!

  2. Great cover for the last few days! :) I was wondering where you disappeared to!

  3. LOVE the cookie shot. The snow one makes me want to cry because it is a glimps of what it will look like real soon. Boo Hoo..
    the last show is good also. He looks so sad like he just got the boo boo on his nose.. Cute kid...